Friday, 20 March 2015

Online Business Research notes

Ok, so I'm yet to post my MBA notes on Strategic Risk Management but while I was reading one of Pat Flynn's blogs at I was intrigued by his early approach to the business of blogging and its relation to business strategy. Here are my summary notes in the order of his sequencing:-

  1. Started his blog in June 2007 to keep track of his notes for the LEED. WordPress was used.
  2. His content was created by taking his reading notes from his books and then consolidating them online. He created tables and charts to organise things; created acronyms; posted pictures; and created his own sample questions from his reference guide.
  3. Following similar discussion forums he would insert links and backlinks (I have no idea what this is but I will research it) to different parts of his site that were relevant to the discussions.
  4. After passing his exams, he started learning about 'targeted web traffic'.
  5. He then set up his blog with "Google Analytics".
  6. 'Referral Traffic" came from many other sites around the web that were highly authoritative backlinks (that word again) for him. 'Direct Traffic' are people typing in the domain directly in a web browser or visitors coming from 'bookmarks', 'desktop shortcuts' and 'links in emails'.
  7. He monetised his site through 'Adsense' and put an 'image ad' on it. Naturally he researched the best places to put ads so as to maximise his income.
  8. He continuously educated himself through 'Podcasts' and other forums.
  9. He earned additional revenue through 'private advertising' by using 125x125 pixel 'banner ads' embedded in the sidebar of his site.
  10. He spent considerable time listening to the 'Internet Business Mastery Podcast' everyday.
  11. He began to write a 'study guide' for the LEED exam using Microsoft Word.
  12. After that he converted his study guide into a PDF and created a cover in Photoshop.
  13. He used 'E-Junkie' a digital product delivery service that would automate the entire checkout and delivery process for him.
  14. He then used a sample 'sales copy' template from a book he read by Yanik Silver's 'Moonlighting on the Internet'.
  15. He published his sales page and put a link to it in the header of his site and at the bottom of every single post.
  16. Once he completed the 15 items above his sales started to skyrocket.
In my Strategy notes I intend to touch on his approach based on strategy terminology. It would make a good case study for me.

Well thanks all for now....please don't forget to send your comments.

God Bless

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