Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Blogger Challenges

Hi folks. I'm looking for comments with this post today.

I'm having problems with goggle blogger in terms of organizing my posts. For instance, I'd like to have a tab on my blog at the top, similar to by Pat Flynn. If you can show me how I will greatly appreciate it.

Also, I've subscribed to Google Adsense to try and make some money in my blog because, well quite frankly, I'm reading so much about making money online that I want to do the same applying my MBA Strategic Risk Management study notes, but alas, I think the Internet has its own school for this field as I'm not getting any traction at all on my blog and I'm yet to see one Google Adsense on my site. You can check out this video here:

As well as, while looking at other super blogger websites such as Pat Flynn and others, I've noticed that they use Wordpress. Now I must admit that I chose Google blogger because I felt that if I used a Google product I would get preferential treatment. I'm still waiting, even though I must admit that I don't have that must content as yet, but I will keep trying. Your comments can help me see where I'm going wrong:)

Oh, and this one is a classic problem that I'm having. How do you get your text to be at least 1.5 in line spacing? I had to copy my previous post into Microsoft Word then apply their line spacing feature and then copy that new script and reinsert back into my old posts........what a drag:( if any of you folks out here can help me then please drop a comment.

Lastly, I'm typing this post using my iPad....yep my iPad! It's the worst! iPad has no word features like bullet points, underline, nada!! It's such a shame:(

Well my loyal fans, I'm really looking forward to any advice that you can give me on how to improve my blog using this Google platform. Tomorrow I will write a post with my study notes on Strategic Risk Management as I've haven't hit the books for a few days......I've been a bad boy!

Thanks and peace out!

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