Saturday, 4 April 2015

Five steps to building a Wordpress site

'Wordpress' is one, if not the most popular, platform for building your website or blog. But how do you actually go about starting the process? Well, based on the research I've done, here is what I want to share with you.

The five steps are:
1. Outline your site's content
2. Create pages
3. Configure your site to use a static home page
4. Pick a theme you love
5. Create a menu

Good, now let's break each step down further to better understand the process.

1. Outline your site's content
To begin with, sketch out the important pieces of your site i.e critical information and the pages.

You have heard and read that "Content is king!" That's right, spend some time thinking about what you want to write, and what you don't want to write about. Do this activity before you pick your Wordpress "theme".
Your content should drive the theme, don't just overestimate the importance of how a site looks and underestimate the importance of what it says.

One of the first activities that Wordpress asks you to do is to choose a "theme". A theme sets the look and feel of your site. Wordpress offers many themes but each can have significant differences regarding layouts, options, and functionality. Just remember, don't spend considerable time and effort customizing it, without planning for content.

An example of a content plan could be you want to write about 'backpacking'. Specifically, you want to write about the places you've been, the places you want to go to, backpacking tips, and backpacking gear. Got it? Great!

After you have the bones of your content you want to organize it using Wordpress "categories and tags" so that visitors can navigate through your content or discover your site through "Reader".
Try to keep in mind that a sitemap serves as a visual representation of how your content is organized and how each piece relates to the whole.

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