Sunday, 3 May 2015

Online Study Guide

Hey folks, today I thought I would write about studying and finding the "time" to do it.

Working all week and trying to study for anything is tough! Trust me I know about it.

You're either always on the road seeking new business or attending to company clients. Either which way, your most valuable asset.....time, is hard to give away. It has to be shared with your job, your family, your friends, and the last but most important person...YOU!

So how in the heck are you going to fit studying for an online MBA into your life and still find the time to balance your other activities? Here are a few tips that you can use.


Its important to remember that an online MBA requires the same commitment as a traditional MBA...the workload and course structure is the same. The only big difference is that when you study on line you must have discipline!!

You must also control your study time because, as much as it is flexible, you need to schedule a block of time in the day to study.

Where Do I Find The Time To Study

  • Early bird catches the worm: Ever notice that your brain is the sharpest in the morning? Why? Because that's when its not cluttered with the exhaustion of day-to-day yet. Choose a comfortable hour in the morning when you can get up, be alone by yourself, maybe when everyone is still asleep. You may find that you don't need to get up off the bed to start studying....the idea here is to just do it. You don't even need to brush your teeth or drink a cup of tea or coffee or anything. This to me is when the mind is at its best to soak up information. At best, you need 2 - 3 hours early in the morning before starting your daily activities.

  • Night Owls: Other people may find that its best for them to finish their work, spend time with their friends and family; go and have a shower and then relax to start studying. Personally, that does not work for me as my mind is generally fried from the day and I can only think about unwinding. Also, I prefer getting an early night's rest which gives the brain time to recuperate. But, if you think you would prefer study at night then by all means go for it, but remember, your brain requires at least 6 - 8 hrs of full rest from the time you hit the sack every day. At best, you can probably push maybe 2 solid hours of study for your MBA.

  • Go To Go: There are a few of us who can study while on the go. Because we live in the digital age, everything is available on wifi or you can download your text on your kindle or iphone (sorry I don't have an Android but you get the point). So if you're at the airport waiting for your flight; or at the doctor's office waiting on him; or at a client's office and he's late.......either which way you can use that time to read a paragraph, a page, a chapter or even two. The key point here is "don't waste the time" not doing something productive. This strategy allows you to get work done without sacrificing either your morning or evening.

  • Weekenders: If you have total control over your weekend then its easy to push 6 - 12 hours a day. The key problem for some of us maybe how do we juggle those 12 hrs? You could do it in a combination of 4 sets of 3 hrs or 6 sets of 2 hrs..........think about breaking down the hrs in "sets" like a workout in the gym. 

Ok, some of these tips sound good but do they really work? 

What Do I Have To Give Up?

Let me ask you this, do you really need to watch that much TV?
Do you really need to go and hang out with your friends to drink and chat?
Do you really need to go to that club tonight?

You don't have to give up anything but what you do have to remember is that "you" need to manage how "you" spend your waking hours. 

If you are "disciplined" enough to schedule at least 30 hours in the week into separate blocks of time then you could easily accumulate 20-30 hours of study time during your busy week. 

The concept here is DISCIPLINE and you as an "individual" to blame no one but "you" for not sticking to a routine.

Its really quite easy once you practice the routine for at least 3 - 4 weeks then, believe you me, it becomes a habit. The hardest part is the first 2 weeks.......changing bad habits or beginning a new is always a challenge.

Good luck and don't forget to drop a comment below!


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